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Light Up The Dark

With experience in the Michigan craft distilling scene dating back to 2014, Founder and Head Distiller Joe Lordon brings a deep passion for making handmade products that bring enjoyment to those who experience them.

He believes that the driving forces behind Lone Light are to provide high quality and unique spirits that stand out amongst the crowd, and to help folks create moments and memories that are as unique as the individuals consuming them.

After years of experience producing both traditional and experimental spirits, Joe is devoted to continuing to create products that push Michigan towards being the foremost state in the American craft distilling industry.

Made in Michigan

The idea of a Lone Light may bring a different image to each person that envisions it. A lighthouse on the shore of Lake Michigan. A bonfire in a backyard. The single stoplight in the small town you grew up in. A porch light welcoming you home. Lone Light Spirits is setting out to create high quality, versatile spirits that are to be experienced however you most enjoy them.

Whether you prefer whiskey on the rocks in front of a fireplace, a refreshing vodka-soda by the water, or gin mixed into a sophisticated negroni; our small batch spirits will stand out and enhance the moment. By integrating conventional distilling methods with modern technology and complementing local ingredients that are distinctly Michigan with ingredients from around the world, Lone Light Spirits honors tradition while crafting an original.

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Capturing the Spirit of Michigan in Every Bottle