Our Story

Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, our Founder & Head Distiller Joe Lordon discovered his love for music at a young age - a passion that led him to work for the Kalamazoo, Michigan born Gibson Guitars. This musical odyssey took him to Nashville, Tennessee, where he honed his skills building iconic guitars at Gibson's headquarters, ensuring each handmade instrument resonated with perfection. It was here that he learned the invaluable skill of maintaining an unwavering standard of quality - a principle that seamlessly translated into the art of distillation.

As he explored the rich tapestry of Tennessee's distilling landscape, from iconic institutions like Jack Daniels and George Dickel to Nashville’s craft distilleries such as Corsair Distillery, a new passion began to ferment. This journey of discovery led him back home to Michigan, where he joined Two James Spirits in Detroit's historic Corktown neighborhood. After 2+ years of pushing a broom around and learning the distillation process on the job, he started his 5-year tenure as the Head Distiller & Production Manager marked by innovation and excellence, overseeing the production a variety of spirits recognized as “best in class” and “double gold medal" worthy in international spirits competitions.

With over seven years of experience in Michigan’s craft distilling scene the concept of Lone Light Spirits truly took shape - a brand built on the foundation of quality, innovation, and the simple yet profound moments that spirits can encapsulate. Embracing this vision, Joe was compelled to create a brand that not only reflected his relentless pursuit of quality but also allowed him to explore the artistic horizons of new and experimental flavors while staying true to tradition. This quest for creative freedom and harmony in spirit flavors led to the birth of Lone Light Spirits, a distillery where every glass is meant capture that feeling of a comforting familiar light, whether a bonfire or full moon, porch light or flame of a candle, or anything which warms your soul like sipping great spirits.

The choice of Ferndale, Michigan for our production facility was no coincidence. This location was selected for its access to exceptional water quality, pivotal for the crafting of premium spirits. The local water, sourced from a rainwater replenished aquifer since 2011, offers a pure and clean foundation essential for our distillation processes. Ferndale's commitment to maintaining this high water quality, through vigilant monitoring of infrastructure and ensuring a lead-free environment, aligns perfectly with our ethos of uncompromised quality.

At Lone Light Spirits, our story is more than a narrative of transition from music to distillation. It's a symphony of flavors in harmony with quality craftsmanship, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of Michigan.

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